Ford VCM II testing equipment

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Ford VCM II - FORD newest, MAZADA, Lincoln detection equipment, the new Land Rover and Jaguar does not function. VCM2 is the new Ford diagnostic tools. He came to be diagnosed by IDS software. VCM2 via OBD2 interfaces to the vehicle, connected to the computer via a USB cable or wireless network. After 2013, a number of new Ford cars must be diagnosed by VCM2.
Hardware of wired and wireless two versions, a basic version obd2works currently diagnosed with a wired in-line upgrade fee. Below the picture in the middle of the black pole line that called CFR (Customer Flight Recorder) tachograph - this is optional.
Contains the device:
VCM2 joints
OBD2 cable
USB cable
Wireless Adapter

CFR capable of detecting and recording support VCM II dynamic data flow from inside the vehicle. Optional. This provides a powerful help technicians diagnose intermittent problems. Suitable for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Mazda. Optional accessories: CFR new or refurbished dell ATG or D series computer, new or refurbished Panasonic notebook computer to install IDS software services & software installation

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